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  •  Your awesome balloon decoration for a birthday party in Saint Tropez

Creative and fun birthday balloon decorations

My Best Birthday is a children’s party event company that is run by two young women, Joanna and Geraldine. This company helps organize birthday parties or other kid events in Saint-Tropez and Monaco. They are both Events and Service professionals who strive to make any child’s dream birthday come true! Every party is done with an upscale class that is done professionally and tastefully for each customer with satisfaction guaranteed. These ladies work together with your child to plan and organize pick a theme for their special day. Once the theme is picked they personalize it to fit with special types of balloon decoration. When it comes to the things these two young women, who are also mothers too, can do the sky is the limit in Saint-Tropez. Some of the few favorites are fairy tales, Disney princesses, action heroes, animals, fairies, games, cartoon characters, and sports. Each party is guaranteed to have authentic detail and done with a professional care to ensure every child will be entertained through the party.

balloon decoration saint tropez

Balloon sculpting for your party in Saint Tropez

They also take pride in the ability of sculpting balloon decoration. Looking at what has been chosen for the party they then take colors, the world, and characters involved and are able to put together a display to match. The balloons will then be modeled into specific items, upon request, for either as environment pieces or for children to keep and take home with them at the end of the event. This is done by twisting and shaping them into special shapes. The magic of this type of art brings their world to life and joy to the child who dreamed it. How this is done is the artist takes a regular balloon and has them mimic any animal, character, or object! Not only is this done to beautifully decorate their but to also create a new and unique world for everyone to enjoy.

Balloon garlands

Plus adding to the wonderful experience these ladies also offer a balloon garland! Most of the time these creations are archways to enhance the environment of the party. The archways can be made with the use of tassels, streamers, and confetti to give it that personalized look and feeling. No two will ever be the same. These bring a whole new and beautiful spin to an ordinary party. By adding the archways this gives an inviting creativity plus style to any exciting child event.