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  •  How long should a child’s birthday party last?

What moment of the day suits best to organize the party according to the age of the dinner guests and how long she has to last? Between the small hour for the toddlers and the whole afternoon for the biggest, adapt yourselves to the age of the present children on the party. And that to do if your child was born in the middle of the summer and that his friends are never present to participate in the party? This column will help you choose the ideal moment to organize this anniversary which your child is 4 years old, 6 years or 8 years.

The last of the birthday party varies according to the age of the children. For the toddlers, a small party of 1 hour is widely sufficient but for the biggest that can last all afternoon long. The children always need a small time of adaptation, that’s why the party should not be too short, but if the party is too long they are going to get tired and to get excited. Thus it is necessary to find a happy medium and to adapt itself to the age of the dinner guests. The staff of My Best Birthday, professionnal for planning birthday in Monaco, give you some useful advices

For children 3-4 years old

If there are toddlers, plan a small party of approximately one hour after the nap for example. So, they will be woken well and will be hungry! Bed songs, puppet theater and small games based on tones and light will awaken them and will amuse them a lot.

  • 3-4 years old : For the snack for one hour at the half past one.

For children 5 6 7 years old

For 5-7-year-old children, the lunchtime can be a good alternative, followed by some games in the lounge or in the garden and a departure towards the snack time or the right time.

  • 5-6 years old : For lunch or in the early afternoon for an hour and a half to two hours.
  • 7-8 years old : For two to two-and-a-half hours in the early afternoon.

For the biggest: the 8-year-old children, 9 years and 10 years

The more children grow up and the less time requirements are obviously important. However, it is difficult to entertain children for several hours in a row, even if we have a wealth of ideas on hand! This is why two to three hours seem to be a good compromise for children aged 8 to 10 years.

  • 8-10 years old : Of the environment from the afternoon to the end of day, for a party for from two to four hours!

My child was born in the middle of summer, when to organize her birthday party?

Even if the child will prefer (and it is very understandable) celebrate his anniversary in the period of the year when he is actually born, the spring remains the season ideal to organize an attractive party, all the more if we have a garden or a park nearby. So, activities in the garden and the games of water always know an immense success!

If your child is born in the middle of summer and all his friends are on vacation, make it a habit, like a ritual, to organize a « no-birthday » at another time: the opportunity to set up a unique feast Which everyone will remember!