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  •  Tips for organizing a little birthday party

Organizing a birthday for child is not easy. My Best Birthday knows it very well. We had a talk with a mother who have 5 years old boy. They told us how she organized her little birthday party.

1st step: the guest list

The one who thinks (stupidly) that it is faster than the finger in the eye.
– no, we can not invite 25 friends
– No, we do not change buddies every 4 mornings
– well, you’ll have to decide on the names and not get out of the new every day
– No, we can not invite all your old friends from your old school and more!
So, a council? Set a bumper day where you will put the buttocks of your future birthday on a chair with mission to give you the final list of its guests and if not: no party! (yes of the change).
Before, do not forget to remind him that you invite home who really likes, and we are really good (and not too turbulent but that is important for parents!)

2nd step: the creation of invitation cards

There are several possibilities depending on … your desire, your skills in creative hobbies and the time you have to devote to the thing …
Yeah, so, at worst, a canson A4 cut into 4 with 3 stickers and a text all stuck on it.
At best, a chiaded invitation, printed on glossy paper with the small envelope coordinated.

Personally, after finding some models on the internet, I ended up trying to buy invitations in stationery, pre formatted with cute little cats on top (it’s more « mixed » than disney princesses) and an envelope white.
Choupie wrote the names on the envelopes and I did the rest with my best writing. Yes !

For organizing a birthday party in Monaco, call My Best Birthday.

Step 3: The distribution of invitation cards

Oh, anxiety!
As the child is new to the school, I do not really know any friends. Only 2 by the way.
So, Monday morning of the return (ie 2 weeks before the event) we arrived at the opening of the school (if !!!) and we settled the choup ‘and me on a bench pile to the entrance, just to miss any arrival.
The chip had the mission to tell me if she saw those she invited to give the envelope to daddy or mom.
Yeah, but then I forgot to tell him that we should not intercept every student …

Step 4: Wait patiently for confirmation from parents

I wrote thank you to confirm to … (you will not have my phone number)
I hope, reader loved, that you are one of the moms who read the invitations and who phone as requested so that we know how many children will be there on the day J. What about all the same! heck

Yes, there I wait, I already had 2 confirmations on 10 guests.

5th step: the decoration

So this year my friends, I found the right plan, given that I had absolutely no 5 seconds to go shopping to look for: tablecloths, plates, glasses cardboard, towels, small gadgets to offer, balloons, hats and company, I used the INTERNET! Here is a link:
Time saving I do not even tell you how it saved me.

6th step: buying candies

Yes it’s a step, and important! There, as much to tell you that the man took care of it with happiness. He chose the sweets, the girl did not have a say … yes it is in case it would be left to finish after the party (kind).
In short, it’s been done for at least 3 weeks, I laughed at the sight of running errands with that AND I laugh more beautiful every night when he makes it to the p’tite that he ate everything in sweet!
I know it’s easy, it’s naughty but it feels good!

7th step: the animation

Uh, we’ll talk about it in a future publication