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  •  Minnie Themed Birthday Party


An awesome birthday party is one of the best things you can do for you little princess. If all she has been obsessing with is a Minnie mouse themed birthday party, then that’s what you should plan for her. Since it’s a Minnie party, the invitation cards will have a personalized Minnie Mouse sticker with a special message and party details printed on it. Minnie mouse always has a smiley face and the guests will definitely love it. That’s not all, there will be a happy birthday banner outside at the front door with the princess’ and Minnie’s images smiling down at those going in. The birthday girl on the other hand will have that special look since she will be in a spectacular pink dress with Minnie’s image on it and a pink bow tie with polka dots.


A cake is one of those things all kids love there’s no doubt about that, so based on the Minnie theme, this cake will be yummy just by looking at it. Just like the princess’s costume, the cake will have a pink color with polka dots on it. The best part of it is that, Minnie smiley face image will be smartly placed on top of the cake looking at the guests. In addition to that, there will also be cream cupcakes with red and brown ribbon shapes on top and of course I cannot forget to mention the pink and white flowers that will be placed around the cake. Trust me; the cake cutting part is what you don’t want to miss.

minnie decoration birthday

Table decoration

Unlike what most people are used to, I decided to settle for black table cloths with polka dots. At the centre will be some nice flowers in mostly pink and white color and the plates that will be used will have the table cloth look. At the sides will be black bow ties attached to the table cloths with ribbons. My main aim is to make the party look and feel like Minnie is actually present.


Of course A Minnie party wouldn’t be a party without balloons. So my choice of balloons will be bright colored Minnie Mouse Mylar balloons, Minnie Latex balloons and Pink star balloons. They will be hung at the front door next to the welcome banner and at the front table where the cake will be placed.


This will not be ordinary birthday party based on the fun activities kids will engage in. On arrival each guest will be given Minnie mouse ears to wear and since all kids love playing, they’ll have time to join in on the fun activities inside the Minnie house. After having enough time to play, the princess with take photos with her friends while still wearing their Minnie costumes. Cake cutting will be the last part during which a couple of photos will be taken and most importantly, Minnie will thank her guests for coming.