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  •  Some advice to prepare a birthday party for children

To prepare a birthday for children, it can be a more complicated project than it countered there. It will be necessary to choose the food (the children can be difficult), the planning of the event, the choice and the shaping of the theme …,It is not simple to arrive there without having a headache. We suggest you some advice so that the event is a success. It is essential to have a sense at the same time of the organization and the method. De facto, it is essential to progress stage by stage in the conception of your organization. Here are some useful advice so that everything takes place very ) indeed. This advice is proposed to you by the agency My Best Birthday, specialist of birthday in Saint-Tropez.

advice to prepare a birthday party

To begin the project, we have to proceed to the sending of the invitations to the dinner guests by post or by e-mail. The latter is more economic, faster … it is the way used lately. For the design of the invitation, we have two advice : there are web sites with models. If you do not find what you are looking for there, you can appeal to a graphic designer. It will also be necessary to think about the range of the games proposed the day of the party. We shall choose then the theme. Themes adapted for all the categories of ages and for all the « colors » : theme girl or boy, funny, classic or fashionable, dedicated to a favorite animal or a hero pulled by a comic strip … Then it will be necessary to be interested in the meal. For the choice of food, it is necessary to make simple with the children. Ask the parents, if there are children allergic to certain food.

To finish, we shall focus on the birthday cake, the object of all the attentions. It is really the symbol of the event. The cake must be decorated in accordance with the chosen theme. If you can also make the table decoration in agreement with the theme, that will be completed. We shall not forget candles and also to leave the name of the hero or the heroine of the day.