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Five reasons to hire a photographer for a special day

Planning a special event for a kid takes a lot of work whether it is a birthday celebration or some other special milestone. There is no doubt that at the end of the day, you want to have a lot of pictures to remember the day. However, do you assign the task to Uncle Harry, or do you hire a professional photographer to document this special day? There are five top reasons why entrusting a professional photographer to take pictures of the special day is the best option.

princess birthday in cannes

Princess birthday in Monaco : an Elena d’Avalor birthday party

We organized a princess birthday in Monaco. Welcome in the Kingdom of Avalor, a new and original theme for the last television movie of Disney ! Elena is the oldest princess of Disney she is a teenager and she will have to learn some rules to become a Queen. Today, My Best Birthday presents you « Elena and the secret of Avalor » birthday party in Cannes with lots of balloons decoration and nice flowers.