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A Winnie the Pooh birthday party in Saint-Tropez

A cute birthday party in Saint Tropez

For this birthday in Saint Tropez : Winnie the Pooh was one of our FAVORITE characters growing up, so we was thrilled when our client asked us to come up with some creative ideas for hosting a Winnie the Pooh First Birthday!


A birthday in Saint Tropez

Decoration and Animation

What a sweet-as-honey theme, we incorporated some sweet into the decor, and because it was summer time we have mixed the theme with Tutti Frutti with fresh flowers and lots of balloons and a great animation. The children could had fun with a Photo Booth and a pool with balls. Also of course, they enjoyed the real swimming pool with lots of funny games inside. The photograph was there to take underwater pictures.

An ice cream trolley and cocktail/smoothie bar were installed to refresh all the guests during this party.


Children table decoration

Party bags were specially created for this event, handmade, in Winnie shape !



It was a super cute birthday party in Saint-Tropez ! Parents and children had lots of wonderful memories. / 0033 6 35 41 80 45

More about Winnie the Pooh

Everyone knows him. But its real history is less known: it was in 1914 that Winnie lived what made her a star. Canadian infantry lieutenant Harry Coleburn meets a hunter who saved the life of a little bear whose mother had been killed. He decides to buy the bear and takes him with him to England. He baptizes the Winnie Pooh in honor of his hometown of Winnipeg.
Later, the regiment of which he is a member is sent back to France. He entrusts Winnie to the London Zoo. Among the many admirers
Who visit Winnie, is the writer Alexander Milne and his son Christopher Robin. Taken both of affection for him, the writer decides to write stories featuring Winnie in order to amuse her son. Christopher Robin, Porcinet and Tigrou accompany Winnie in his adventures.

These stories become classics for children. Christopher Robin had nicknamed Pooh another animal he loved: a swan. This later became the nickname of Winnie. After the death of Milne (1961), his wife gives the rights of the stories to Walt Disney. Since then, he has been the star of several films and has her head on various articles.