Harry Potter amazing birthday party – Welcome in Hoghwart School

We really love Harry Potter so we were so happy to organise a birthday party in Monaco on this theme for a sweet little girl ! This was an Harry Potter amazing birthday party !

Harry Potter table

Harry Potter birthday party

All decoration, cakes, animation were linked to the theme in order to recreate atmosphere of Hogwarts School.

Hogwart School

Harry Potter birthday party

Pupils were welcomed by Hagrid and Hermione. The ceremony of the sorting hat  divided the kids into the 4 houses. Then the kids had to obtain their diploma with lots of tests.

Harry Potter animation

Hagrid and friends for Harry Potter birthday party

Of course, the candy bar was full of candies from Honeydukes like the Chocolate Frog and the Bertie Bott’s Beans !


Harry Potter party – funny candies

It was a beautiful birthday party on the French Riviera and all kids and parents had so much fun !